The art behind the Bay Espresso brand.


Owner of the Coffee Roastery, Karamu Road Cafe and The Hawkes Bay Airport Cafe Jonelle Jarvis, is also the artist behind the dinstictive coffee brand.

When we took over the original Bay Espresso cafe in 2004 it was my vision to create a world of art and great coffee. I had studied graphic design after finishing High School and jumped at the chance with my husband Chris to create a unique and local centric coffee brand for the people of Hawkes Bay. I love to paint on a large scale and creating the large murals in the cafes has been a labour of love. At one stage Chris did say to me, I am not going to keep buying cafes so you can paint murals. Yes I love the customers, making coffee and designing food with the chefs but my number one love is painting and ceramics. I sell a small selection of my coffee themed ceramics at Karamu Road cafe and the airport so you can check them out next time you’re in.

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